“Nancy developed a specific yoga class that targets the needs of golfers like me. She explained that I needed to “open the body up” and in doing so, I’ve improved my range of motion. Yes, it has helped my golf game, and quite simply, I just feel better.”

- Tim

“Very personalized classes with attention to individual needs of each participant. Nancy is a wonderful instructor with a wealth of knowledge about Yoga and how it can be applied to meet the needs of a variety of participants. You can tell she puts a lot of time and energy into planning each class so that the readings, the music, and the poses all flow to a common goal. Bonus: Nancy's a really nice person with a great sense of humor so the class not only makes me feel better physically, I always leave smiling too.”

- Laura

Nancy helped me realize how unequal the sides of my body are as a result of years of playing tennis. She has taught me yoga poses to realign my body and stretch out my tight back and stiff hips. I have also learned some useful mindfulness and breathing techniques which has helped me stay in the moment during my tennis game.

- Peyton

“Nancy inspires me to explore relaxation and allows me to de-stress through her wonderful yoga technique. Her yoga gives me great friendship, exercise of both mind and body, and a sense of calmness at class end that can carry me for days. Her class, and she, have helped me to integrate the spiritual qualities of yoga into my life, for a healthier me. She is a compassionate, sensitive teacher with an incredible sense of humor! Nancy’s yoga stretch class has moved me forward both physically and spiritually.  Thank you Nancy!”


"Nancy’s yoga classes are amazing. The deep stretching has resulted in less SI joint pain and all of the opening of the chest poses have decreased my numb nighttime hands - all verified by my PT who holds a doctorate in the area. And Nancy makes it fun, we barely get started and it's time for final relaxation. Would love to keep her the best kept secret in Arlington but that might not be aligned with her ideas! Thank you Nancy – I am a student for life.”


"After taking many yoga classes throughout Arlington and Falls Church over the past 15 years, I was thrilled to find Nancy’s yoga studio right in my own neighborhood. The vibe of her cozy studio is warm and informal; everyone quickly gets to know and support each other. We often laugh between poses. This is a great class for beginners or yoga lovers of any level because with gentle instruction Nancy shows us how to modify poses if we need more or less of a challenge on a given day.  After an hour of stretching, strengthening and relaxing, I count on getting a fabulous night’s sleep and waking up refreshed—and what a gift that is!"

- Rosemarie

“I look forward to weekly yoga classes with Nancy. Her thoughtful and jovial spirit makes the class a wonderful way to relax and release the everyday stress that can build up.”


”Yoga with Nancy Carter is the melodic attainment of personal peace and muscular relaxation. She has the acute ability and perfect inner and outer voice to assist her yoga students in encompassing the moment and breathing through the present to that state of total relaxation. She never fails at the start of class to ask her students where they are feeling pressure or pain on their body and where she can help them stretch their aches away. She then seamlessly integrates these requests into the tenor and flow of her class design. Nancy is patient and structured as she works her classes through each set of stretching exercises and poses. She understands that each student is built differently and encourages them to stretch to their own personal limit. She gently shows her students how to make the proper adjustments to take full advantage of each set of exercises.I have often reached the highest level of relaxation in Nancy’s classes and have been gently encouraged to wake up. I encourage others to try the Nancy Carter Experience. It is well worth it!”


"When I leave Nancy’s class I feel stronger, taller and completely relaxed. Her calming voice, clear instructions and occasional humorous remarks will immediately make you feel at ease, even if you are brand new to yoga. I would highly recommend it to anyone”.